Return and Refund Policy





 If you wish to cancel your booking and attempt to claim a refund, please telephone/ email us in the first instance, so we can advise you if the conditions of your travel arrangements permit any refund. If you wish to proceed with the cancellation, you must notify us in writing. (If you do not advise us of your intention to cancel a booking before the scheduled departure time, or do not check-in, this will be recorded by the airline as a 'no show' and is likely to result in the forfeit of all monies paid). Some airlines do not permit cancellation within 24hrs of departure, any cancellation within 24hrs of departure will then be interpreted as a no-show.    

Where a refund is permitted, this may take some time, typically 10-12 weeks, to be authorized by the airline.

If paper tickets have been issued for your booking, these must be returned to us before any refund can be made. Some tickets may need to be submitted by us to the airline for a refund to be authorized. We recommend that you return tickets to us by Recorded Delivery, at the address below (see 'Contacting TCC Ltd').

Once authorized, any refund will be made to the debit or credit card used to make the original booking. It is vital that you advise us when you cancel the booking if that card is no longer valid.

Any refund made will be nett of any cancellation charge from the airline or tour operator. Many airlines also charge an additional fee to process refunds. Refunds of any kind will also be subject to TCC Ltd's usual administration fees. Booking fees, credit card charges, postage costs and any amendment fees you may have paid for any previous changes are also non-refundable.

In the case of non-refundable scheduled flight tickets, it may be possible to claim back any unused taxes. Please note that not all taxes are refundable. Fuel surcharge, part of the applicable taxes, is non-refundable. Some airlines do make a fee for processing such requests, and in some cases the charge exceeds what you would get back. Please ask for details when you cancel your booking.

Cancellation charges may be covered by your travel insurance policy, so we can, on request, provide a letter confirming the non-refundable amount should you wish to make a claim.

Most airlines will not make a refund on partially used tickets.

Tickets returned to us more than a year after their issue are classed as expired and must be submitted to the airline for a refund to be considered. A refund is not guaranteed in these cases, but TCC Ltdwill apply usual administration fees regardless of the outcome.



If you wish to change your booking, please telephone/ email us in the first instance, so we can advise you if the conditions of your ticket permit any changes. If a change is permitted, we may ask you to confirm in writing that you wish to change the booking.

Any changes are subject to availability, limitations and restrictions of the relevant travel supplier.

If a change increases the cost of your booking, you will need to pay such extra costs.

Changes of any kind will also be subject to TCC Ltd’s usual administration fees.


Cancellations / Amendments by the Travel Supplier

Airlines reserve the right to make time changes, or in rare cases, to cancel flights, for operational reasons. Whilst TCC Ltd is not responsible for, and has no control over, such changes, we will do our best to assist when such situations arise.

In the unlikely event that your flight is cancelled by the airline or tour operator, your rights and remedies will be governed by the supplier’s conditions/ airline’s conditions of carriage. As a result you may be entitled to:

(a) carriage on another flight with the same airline without additional costs;

(b) re-routing to your destination with another carrier without additional costs;

(c) a full refund;

(d) some other right or remedy.

In the event of schedule changes made prior to commencement of your journey, it is not always necessary to have your tickets reissued or revalidated, but we will advise you should this be necessary.

TCC Ltd takes no responsibility for any flight rescheduling en route.



If you have previously ordered a kit that has been sent to you via Post, and you have not received it within 96hours of your purchase, we will provide a replacement kit for a fee of £15.00. Your initial kit’s barcode will be voided and the replacement kit will be dispatched. 

You are entitled to a free replacement kit if you have received a kit that is damaged or contains damaged components such as a broken swab stick or faulty return mailing bag. Though every precaution is taken to ensure that your kit is of high quality, in the case that you find your kit (or components within) to be damaged, a new replacement kit will be dispatched to you free of charge, and your initial barcode will be voided.

If you have returned your sample to the lab via the Royal Mail system, and it has not arrived at the lab within 7 days of posting, we will provide you with a replacement kit for free. Your initial kit’s barcode will be voided and the replacement kit will be dispatched.

If you have returned your sample to the lab, but a result has not been produced in 96hours since the sample’s point of arrival, you are entitled to a replacement kit free of charge and the initial barcode will be voided.

Our money-back guarantee ensures that you receive a full refund if you change your mind after purchasing your kit and it has not yet been dispatched. The refund will be delivered within 10 business days. To be eligible for a full refund, the test must not have been registered and not been activated. 

If you have already purchased your kit and made an order, no discount codes can be applied in retrograde. Sale prices, promotional offers and discounts cannot be applied towards previous purchases.

If you have already registered your kit, no refund will be given as the kit has been activated, and therefore used.

If you have returned your sample to the lab, and have received a result within 48 hours of sample tracked delivery, you will not receive a refund.


Laboratory results

We will use our best endeavours to ensure that all results are sent to you on the same day the sample arrives, our standard SLA is within 48 hours which we quote to our clients, although at some times the service may be delayed due to circumstances out of our control, therefore, we are unable to guarantee turnaround times.

Any delays that are a result of delays with Royal Mail are outside of our control, please refer to the replacement policy.